Youth have the creativity the potential and capacity to help to make development; find solutions; to make change happen in them for their societies and the rest of the world.

Youth constitute the largest segment of population and so the role of youth in shaping their country’s response to cultural and religious diversity in vital.

Raising awareness i.e awareness regarding importance of young people; strengthening capacity i.e. capacity of stamina of youth and sharing information i.e. to develop mechanism  of making network of people to facilitate partnership building and exchange of information regarding the impact and challenges of youth work and contribution.

Youth and leaders are related to each other. Leadership is guidance, direction and to manage things. Youth have potential to become leader in the right circumstances and with attention to strengthening their inter personal skills with knowledge and desire to show a way, youth can be a leader.

The youth of today have the leadership ability to step outside the culture and start evolutionary change processes that are more adaptive. They also have ability to influence, motivate and enable them to contribute towards the effectiveness and success of the organization.

To make this vision successful ABSS conducts Global Leadership Workshop wherein youth students will not only examine theories of leadership but also explore the action of outstanding global leader in order to understand and access their own Global Leadership Competencies.

This program includes leadership challenges and opportunities, Organizational culture communicating in global environment and managing people and culture.

Youth are the pillars for transferring today’s Global awareness, creating Unity among Global Youth.

Today’s youth is the leader of tomorrow.

ABSS in association with Deccan education Society’s Fergusson College and Bharatiya Shiksha Abhiyan in co-operation with Bank of Maharashtra and Jet Airways had organized 55 days Global Leadership Workshop –“Creation of Life” for students of 10th and 12th which was conducted from 9th April to 2nd June 2007 in Pune.

In this workshop many personalities who are at the top position in their field were invited to guide students. They guided students on various subjects,fields.

Shri Sanjay Joshi :-  Conviction of values

Shri Milind Kulkarni :- Emerging opportunities and education.

Shri Jayant Umranikar (Comissioner of Police,Pune) :- Leadership,types of                  leadership,qualities required for it,motivation to others.

Smt.Neelima Khare:-Right to Information Act.

Smt.Aasawari Mahajan:- How to improve one’s English, vocabulary structure

Col.Sakhuja(Chief PRO-Indian Army):- Indian army and career making in army.

Shri Nitin Gokhale(Editor NDTV):- On career and challenges in Journalismfield and experience of North East.

Shri Amodh Bhat(Director-Network Consultancy Services):- Different opportunities of education in the world and Entrepreneurship.

Shri Sunil Sukhtankar(Director-Short Film Making):- What is short films,Making of Short Films.

Shri Dr. Shreeram Sabnis(Sr. Scientist –Defence Research Organisation ):- How to gain confidence

Shri Mahesh Athawle(Ex. Director-Institute of Company Secretory)

Shri Suhas Asnikar(Famous Photographer):- How to make photography as career.

Shri Suresh Khare(Famous Film and Drama actor,Writer,Producer):- About acting and Self Experience.

Shri Mohan Giri (Director-Inspire Education system Pvt. Ltd):- An alternative career under LCEIA and transforming personalities for international Leadership.

Shri Mahesh Upasani(Wing Commandor Indian Air Force):- Indian Airforce  and career orientation in Indian Air Force.

Shri Atul Bhole:- Diet Health,Medicines, remedies.

Shri Amit Kumar(Chief Knowledge Dept. Division-World Bank-Chennai):- Presentation Skills.

Ms. Sonu Jain(Editor Indian Express,Delhi):- Global Warming and Environment.