International Events


Arts play an important role in the development of culture. Great art & culture inspires & bring together the artists to know the different art forms. The Cultural Olympiad in Performing arts is an unique new idea put up by ABSS’s Global Council Of Art & Culture ( GCAC).

For promoting Global Platform for the artists throughout the world ,this concept of Cultural Olympiad is being put up. Cultural Olympiad helps to spread the wave of Cultural Diversity, exchange of cultural arts among various performing art movement & forge forward Relationship, Culturalism among the artists. Artists from all over the world come together under one shelter sharing, showcasing & exploring different varied performing art forms . The ancient art forms of the world, the traditional beauty ,combining together modern techniques, & thus putting forward an excellent role model of the performance.
The Cultural Olympiad in Performing arts is a platform where the artists gets an opportunity  to showcase their art on International Level .It is a contest of International level in which one gets the confidence to compete with different styles, forms of arts. The spirit of competition and sense of recognition inspire the artist to excel in the chosen field of art and set higher goal. Through the participation the artists can improve the artistic creativity hidden in them and strengthen their glorious artistic profile to the outside world.

The Dialogues between the artists, teachers, experts from all over the world can be created by this Cultural Olympiad . Promotion of Cultural Diversity is an excellent means of this Cultural Olympiad.
ABSS’s Global Council Of Art & Culture is being conducting such Cultural Olympiad in Performing arts since 5 years.

Such great arts & culture always inspires & bring the audience, the artists together binding them with the uniqueness of art.

The Cultural Olympiad in Performing Art is an presentation of Global Cultural Diversity.