Introduction & Zest Report

 Akhil Bharatiya Sanskrutik Sangh is an Cultural Regd. NGO engaged in a variety of Global Integrity developement programmes covering various  Cultural & Social events. ABSS is building up bridges for the youth through cultural & educational events by giving opportunity to learn and develop by acquiring knowledge about the performing arts, conservation & promotion.

Akhil Bharatiya Sanskrutik Sangh  believes that bringing all different cultures together will bring universal peace , relationship and brotherhood as thoughts.

With the aim of promoting the concept of Global Culture and to create the awarness among the people about traditional culture Akhil Bharatiya Sanskrutik Sangh established "Global Council Of Art & Culture ( GCAC)".

The main aim of GCAC is to participate in Art & Cultural Programmes which will have impact in better understanding of different cultures through diverse performance, increase creativity , improve communication, strengthening  of community arts , decrease social isolation, raise public awareness , self identity, self leadership, creating confidence, bring out hidden talents, develop a sense of equality.

ABSS ,GCAC thus organizes Global Harmony - National Contest /Festival Of Performing arts annually in which Multilingual Drama, Dance, Music and Instrumental sections are there. the participation in these National events are from the whole of India . From different states artists from various field of performing arts take active participation to showcase  their talents , exchange their new ideas cultural traditional art forms  among each other.

The laudable events every year commence on 21st May ( which is the World Cultural Diversity Day ) ,continuously 10 days  it is going on and ends on 1st June( which the World Artist Day) wherein artists from different age groups- Junior , Senior, Youth & Open category participate in which there are Children, Youth , Amateur & Professionals.

The young artists are seriously & punctually pursuing the art forms ,learning their art forms from schools, individually from teachers at home or attend the dance . music  school or academy . Most artists starts their learning at early age , practice  regularly  and have received diplomas,  certificates , many awards and reorganization. Many scholarships are also received by the artists .

As performing arts hold promise of opening cultural and creative industries adding income opportunities, a base line study to understand available income opportunities for performing artists and analyze their socio economic situation.

The Contestant in the ABSS Cultural Festival are from urban middle class, rural areas and have a positive urge and interest to pursue dance , music as professions .There is good prospect of income from growing entertainment industry in the country. So the parents are thus spending time & money in nurturing creative talents in their children.

An artist thus expose his/her talents by live or recorded performances on radio/television to identify  present demand, market segments and income avenues for different performing art forms. The dancers, classical singers and instrument players earn from cultural programs . Vocal Singers earn from Concerts & Mehfils . The trained teachers have their own institution/schools/classes wherein they train the learners and then the learners also open their sub branch and thus the income source is flowed. Many Dancers and singers earn regularly by training students.  


* The performing artists are satisfactorily trained and have overall good skill level.

* Cultural Programmes & competitions are popular platform for the performers.

* Maximum participation is of youth who are enthusiastic about their art form & have taken responsibility to promote the Indian Classical Art Form and are supported by their parents.

*Modern dance choreographers, singers earn regularly by training students.

* Many Senior artists get employment in private sector as a matter of prestige and thus secure good income.

* Traditional Indian Folk art Existence is decreasing due to lack of preservation of originality  . So the need of creating such platforms of performing arts  for  facilitating learning original styles of Folk dances.

* The senior open category artists who are taking part in this contest their income  source is well satisfied . So there can be a well regular earning from the art form can be profession.

Akhil Bharatiya Sanskrutik Sangh's  mission statement is "Culturally Connecting People for Rich Humanity".which focuses on bringing together people of different cultures to make them exchange their thoughts ,understand their own culture and respect each other's culture so that they can live together in Harmony.